What Is The Best Coinbase Alternative?

With over 30 million users, Coinbase is a favorite choice for those engaging in digital currency transactions.

If you don’t understand much about the trading, buying, and selling of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Coinbase is a popular place to begin. Coinbase may also suit your needs if you’re an occasional cryptocurrency investor who wants to hold a popular coin for novelty.

For beginners, Coinbase is easy to use—you can even purchase Bitcoin with a credit card—but it’s far from the perfect platform to buy Bitcoin.

So, what are the alternatives?

Keep reading as we take a look at the seven best Coinbase alternatives that enable you to trade new coins affordably and quickly.  


If you’re interested in buying and selling physical gold as well as digital currency, put iTrustCapital on your radar. VaultChain Gold allows you to buy, sell, and place trades through iTrust’s interface. 

iTrust utilizes Curv to store cryptocurrency assets. Curv is a multi-authorization cryptocurrency wallet management software that enables financial institutions to store your funds securely.

iTrust offers much lower fees compared to competitors in more traditional alternative investment groups. As it’s IRS compliant, you can safely change money from your retirement accounts into cryptocurrency.

If speed is important to you, know that iTrustCapital trades can be performed 24/7 and typically settle within one business day.


Next to Coinbase, Kraken is the second-largest trading hub for Bitcoin in the world. And they don’t stop at Bitcoin. Kraken currently offers access to over 15 different digital currencies—and continues to add new ones. 

Kraken also offers top-notch security features such as two-factor authentication, multi-stage encryption, and 24/7 customer support. 

Depending on how often you trade, you’ll pay between 0.10% and 0.42% per month with Kraken’s tiered fee schedule.

Currently, you can’t purchase crypto with a credit card with Kraken. However, Kraken remains a top Coinbase alternative for its simple fee structure and non-stop customer support.


If you tend to trade cryptocurrencies on the go, check out Voyager. It’s a robust yet secure app that will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of the continually changing crypto market.

With over 50 digital assets and counting, you’ll have access to more choices in Voyager than in Coinbase. You can also track, chart, and manage your portfolio with ease with its in-app tools.

At this time, Voyager is only open to residents in the US and US territories, excluding New York. A recent merger with LGO, a European digital asset exchange, means Voyager may expand to Europe.


Coinmama is an easy-to-use platform that makes it simple to buy popular cryptocurrencies. It operates in 190 countries and hosts offer 1.5 million global users, making it a recommended foreign investor platform. 

You can buy coins on Coinmama using any currency, though you’ll only see prices shown in USD and EUR. 

An equally appealing choice for advanced traders and beginners, Coinmama features low fees and high spending limits. You can also purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum with a credit card using Coinmama’s platform.

As far as currency offerings go, Coinmama falls a bit short. You can only buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Qtum, Ethereum Classic, and Cardano. This number is lower than most other exchanges. operates in nearly every country, making it another popular international exchange. 

As you’ll pay between 0.10% and 0.41% per month in transaction fees, commissions are competitive depending on your buying and selling activity.

Instead of a set dollar amount, calculates transaction fees using BTC, which can be advantageous to large traders.’s three-step structure allows you to buy and sell currencies effortlessly. It’s another platform that allows you to use a credit card as a payment option.

With two-factor authentication and encryption, offers robust security features. If you’re a beginner, you’ll love the simplicity of the platform. However, its offerings are limited to only the most popular coins.


As it began in 2011, Bitstamp is one of the oldest digital currency exchanges on the internet.

Similar to Coinbase, Bitstamp offers few currency options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. However, with Bitstamp, there are no deposit or withdrawal fees. 

While you’ll pay transaction fees when buying and selling, you can transfer coins for free. This alone makes Bitstamp an ideal choice, as you can send money across currencies affordably. 

Bitstamp’s security features are also impressive, considering its incredibly affordable fee structure.


Operating from Prague, Changelly allows buyers to convert currencies easily and without delays. 

Changelly holds onto funds for a brief period to allow users to warn the community of suspicious activity. It charges a fixed fee of 0.5% for every trade. While it doesn’t ask for any other information from its clients, the exchange rate may be higher than other options.

You may use credit cards to purchase currencies on Changelly, but the fees can rise significantly. With an imposed high ceiling and sound liquidy, it’s easy to make a trade regardless of size.

Which of These Best Alternatives to Coinbase Will You Choose?

Whether you’re new to buying and trading digital currency, or a veteran looking for new exchange options, you should look into these best Coinbase alternatives.

Using cryptocurrency requires that you scrutinize each platform you’re considering. You must look at each platform’s system, company history, features, track record, fees, customer reviews, and other necessary factors. 

If you’re looking for more information on cryptocurrency, check out our top cryptocurrency guides to all things blockchain-related, including wallets, apps, products, exchanges, and more.

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