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Crypto loves affiliate marketing and affiliates loves crypto. Almost every major crypto company has an affiliate program. In this article we’ll go through the best affiliate programs in the crypto space. Most of the program differ in revenue share percentage, and offer varying services like dashboards, reports and advanced analytics. From exchanges to wallets to casinos, we’ve got you covered on the best programs in the industry.

Best Crypto Exchange Affiliate Programs

Changelly Affiliate Program

Changelly is a newer exchange launched in 2020 with nearly 100 trading pairs. They offer an incredible 60% revenue share model, which makes this a great choice for affiliates. They also offer a host of widgets, multiple affiliate links, and even an exchange button for your site. You’re also credited as an affiliate as long as the customer used your link within a 30 day window.

Gemini Affiliate Program

Gemini is a great exchange, especially for NY residents. It’s one of the few exchanges that will let you buy crypto as a New York resident, and you can buy crypto immediately after sign-up. To join their affiliate program, you’ll have to apply through their website. Once approved, they’ll give you a special link to promote their exchange.

Coinbase Affiliate Program

Coinbase is one of the most well known exchanges in the industry, and is great for beginners. Getting access to CoinBase also means you have access to CoinBase Pro, which gives you advanced functionality like instant deposits. As for payouts, you get 50% of the referred user’s trading fees for the first 3 months.

Kraken Affiliate Program

Kraken is a very well known exchange with a great set of tokens. The user interface is clean and it’s trusted by many people in the industry. For their affiliate program, they give you 20% of the referred customer’s fees, for up to $1000 total. You get paid as long as the user keeps buying, and they’ll even give you customized banners to make everything look better.

ByBit Affiliate Program

ByBit is one of the most profitable crypto affiliate programs around. The program has multiple tiers and has made some of crypto’s media companies several millions of dollars.


Nitrogen Sports Affiliate Program

Nitrogen Sports is a popular betting platform for sports and casino games. Here you can bet on your favorite team, play poker, or a host of other casino games. For their affiliate program, you’ll be paid 0.3% of a referrer’s bet. There’s no limits like many of the other affiliate programs, making this a great choice for affiliate marketers.

CryptoGames Affiliate Program

CryptoGames is known for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin gambling. You can play games like Dice, Poker and more. The website has been around since 2011, and they have a great selection of games. With that being said, they offer a revenue share model that gives you 25%. Just like many other affiliate programs on the list, they pay out in Bitcoin.

SportsBet Affiliate Program

SportsBet is a well known crypto gambling platform that’s been around since the early 2000s. On the platform you can bet on your favorite teams, and win crypto in return. The affiliate program pays out Bitcoin, and offers a very generous 35% commission on new players. It’s also an easier sell, since the name carries significant weight in the gambling and sports betting world. They provide affiliates with price boosts and exclusive offers as well.


Ledger Affiliate Program

Ledger is the biggest hardware wallet in the world, and for good reason. It’s extremely safe and no hacker has successfully broken into a Ledger before. Affiliates get 10% of every sale they make, and everything is paid out in Bitcoin. You also get access to a dedicated support team, advanced reporting, and great promo materials.

Trezor Affiliate Program

Trezor is right there with Ledger as one of the most popular hardware crypto wallets. They have a really solid deal, where affiliates get 12-15% per sale. Affiliates are paid out monthly via wire transfer, and they also help with creatives and other elements to help you sell better. All in all, this is a great affiliate program if you want to promote a great hardware wallet.

ZenGo Affiliate Program

ZenGo is another great option if you’re looking for a bitcoin or crypto wallet. It’s a mobile wallet with no private keys, and you actually use your face as a biometrics filter. The app even has its own exchange so you can purchase crypto directly on the platform. You can earn money both as a referral and invitee. With referrals you get 50% of the commissions paid in Bitcoin, and as an invitee you get $10 back in Bitcoin when your customers make a $200 trade. Payouts are credited weekly to your ZenGo Wallet.


TokenTax Affiliate Program

TokenTax is a full-service platform for filing crypto taxes. They have a great set of features, and it’s great for any company or individual that deals in crypto. This affiliate program gives you 10% of any plan purchased, regardless of the size. So if they purchase the biggest plan, you would get a significant cut of that.

ZenLedger Affiliate Program

ZenLedger makes crypto taxes easy for your entire company. It’s super affordable, with a free version and the most expensive plan is $200/month. Their plan gives affiliates 20% for each referred purchase, for up to $79. There’s also pre-built dashboards for analytics on earnings and other metrics.

Wrapping Up: Best Affiliate Programs

We’ve gone through a list of the best affiliate programs on a wide range of crypto platforms. Since crypto is very affiliate-friendly, you have many products to choose from. If you have a large following and are looking for ways to monetize it, then definitely check out the companies on the list.

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