FaucetHub Review and Alternatives in 2021

Cryptocurrency faucets are incredibly popular ways to earn free crypto online in 2021. The way they work is simple: take an action on a website (like clicking a button, entering an address, or completing a captcha for example) and have small amounts of crypto deposited to your account or wallet. Because of their ease of use and free earnings, cryptocurrency users all over the world have dedicated thousands of hours to them to earn coins through Bitcoin faucets, Ripple XRP faucets, Litecoin faucets, and more. Among these popular faucets and microwallets is FaucetHub.

Since its launch in 2016, FaucetHub has established itself as a popular online destination for free crypto. Here, we’ll dive deep into everything you need to know about FaucetHub including its history, current status, reviews, and alternatives.

What is FaucetHub?

Faucethub is much more than a simple cryptocurrency faucet that rewards small amounts of coins or tokens for completing basic tasks. For years, Faucethub has served as an aggregator for faucets across the internet.

Much like a crypto news aggregator takes blockchain news from many sources and makes it easy to digest, Faucethub allows users to participate in many crypto faucets in one place.

Because of its ability to pool many faucets in one site, the crypto-faucet community has found it an extremely useful tool capable of saving users significant time, allowing them to earn more.

FaucetHub Review (2021 edition)

While FaucetHub was once an incredible crypto-earning tool, in 2021 it appears the site has gone offline. In a Facebook post from November of 2019, it was announced that FaucetHub shut down. The reasons cited appear to mainly be related to updates to regulations that the site would be forced to comply with.

Today, a quick visit to the site’s original domain will serve a redirect to a new site called The new site is still related to cryptocurrencies but doesn’t seem to have the same functionality previously offered by Faucethub (namely, the faucet aggregation capability).

That said, it does offer a faucet but it appears to only offer one token, the site’s proprietary token: the Tron-based Focus Token.

Top Faucethub Alternatives

With Faucethub out of the picture, here are the best FaucetHub related sites.


FaucetPay homepage screenshot

FaucetPay works very similar to Faucethub. Users can create microwallets that each store small amounts of cryptocurrencies. Once these wallets are created within your FacuetPay account you can receive small crypto payments from over 600 faucets.

Withdrawing your crypto will require a small fee. In addition to the many crypto faucets, FaucetPay offers a range of games like Roulette, Crashes, and Roll the Dice. FaucetPay also allows users to exchange between cryptos easily within the site.


Cointiply homepage screenshot

Cointiply boasts itself as the “highest paying Bitcoin faucet and rewards site”. With nearly a million dollars paid to users, Cointiply is one of the more profitable and well-designed FaucetHub related sites.

To earn Bitcoin on Cointiply users can complete surveys, watch videos, play a multiplier game, or complete other small tasks. Cointiply users will also earn additional crypto if they login daily or refer friends.

Allcoins.PW faucet site screenshot

While Allcoins.PW is not, in our opinion, as well designed or aesthetically pleasing as other crypto faucet sites, it makes up for the lack of beauty with a long list of supported tokens. Some of the tokens users can earn on include BitTorrent, Token, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and Monero.


FreeBitcoin website screenshot

FreeBitcoin is one of the more aggressive FaucetHub alternatives. The site offers many bonuses for users, frequent giveaways, and a strong affiliate program. Of all the sites similar to FaucetHub, we find FreeBitcoin a little “too good to be true” feeling. Our recommendation is to try one of the many other options on this list first. Regardless, it is a popular option so we felt it was worthy of being listed here for you to make your own decision.

Other Ways to Earn Free Crypto

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