What Is XRP Chat and What Are Its Alternatives?

The #3 rated cryptocurrency, Ripple XRP, is trading at around $.60 as of December 2020. There is a lot of talk lately about how the Ripple token could take off soon and reach upwards of $30 in 2021. Experts and Ripple newbies alike, from every walk of life, all over the world are gathering online in forums and chat rooms discussing the ins and outs of this revolution in crypto.

The largest forum for discussing Ripple is XRP chat and we will certainly mention it here but are you aware of the XRP chat alternatives? In this handy guide to keeping informed on the hottest topics in cryptocurrency, the latest in Ripple XRP, and where you can join discussions about it. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

What is Ripple XRP?

Like Bitcoin Ripple XRP is a digital currency. Unlike Bitcoin, Ripple is a far more centralized platform and institution in and of itself – think online bank. Essentially, Ripple is a digital transaction platform that has a proprietary algorithm and interledger protocol that secures transactions between parties in their digital currency – XRP. 

A major value point in using Ripple for transactions is in the platform’s ability to process any currency for payments. Using ripple as your payment settlement asset exchange and remittance system simplifies global transactions. For example, if you wanted to buy bitcoin but the seller wanted to receive USD you could pay with Euros for your bitcoin and the seller would be paid in USD. 

In short, Ripple is unique as a cryptocurrency as it doesn’t utilize blockchain technology. It is able to complete transactions within seconds and does so at considerably less cost than Bitcoin and others. The minimum transaction fee is only 0.00001 XRP (only a fraction of $0.01).

Wire transfers can cost anywhere from $25-$100 or more. They normally take days even weeks to clear the banks. Considering these improvements, it is easy to see why Ripple XRP is becoming a preferred currency online.

XRP Chat

The site boasts being the largest and hottest forum on all things Ripple, XRP, and interledger protocol. At the time of writing the forum had 29.795 topics with 785,176 posts. Powered by Invasion Community, XRP Chat is not affiliated with Ripple or any of their subsidiaries. As such, it is meant to be a place where Ripple can be discussed freely without any biased influence.

With over 25,000 members, XRP Chat is a good place to get questions answered and learn the latest news. Get involved with this community by registering a free account and agreeing to their terms of use and privacy policies. You can even opt-in to receive news and updates from XRP Chat in your inbox.

XRP News

As mentioned earlier, XRP Chat is the most well know and popular site for discussing Ripple and XRP, but there are others as well. A relatively new site,, describes itself as a one-stop news website for the latest update on XRP, Ripple, and XRP trades.

We found the content and stories here to be highly informative and professionally written. The site publishes a news article every day and has been consistent with its promise of keeping us informed of the most up to date changes with Ripple. Each article has a comment section, but at the time of writing, not many comments or discussions were taking place in the comments.

They seem to have the pulse of the everyday XRP happenings and you can follow them on social media. They have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram accounts enabling you to receive updates by your preferred platform. If you are looking for a good recent article, read this article about a possible Ripple and Western Union partnership.

Ripple Reddit

Unless you are new to the internet, you have heard and likely use the social news and rating site, Reddit. According to Amazon’s web traffic analysis company, Alexa Internet™, Reddit is the 18th most visited website in the world.

Reddit hosts a thriving community of Ripple investors and enthusiasts that are constantly hashing out the latest news and predictions. The Ripple subreddit was created on October 14th, 2009, and has since grown to over 200 thousand members.

Using Reddit’s up-vote system it is easy to find the hottest most relevant XRP topics and join in the discussion. Even as this article was being planned, exciting and potentially game-changing news was posted. The mention sparked a lively discussion with over 30 comments and 154 upvotes in just 24 hours. If you are curious, read the article here, and learn how the former Goldman Sachs hedge fund chief has his eye on XRP as a potentially big investment opportunity.

Turn On A Faucet or Two

How would you like to earn free Ripple XRP online? Cryptocurrency faucets are a popular way to get into digital currencies as they are free to register. Anyone with a valid email address can get started earning small amounts of free crypto with faucets. Some of these faucets even have drawings where you can enter to win big amounts of XRP.

You’re not likely to get rich quick, but it is true that one could collect a substantial amount of crypto with faucets. For more about XRP faucets take a look at this guide complete with links to the most popular XRP faucets.

Ripple Sending Ripples Through Crypto Community

The Ripple platform and XRP are clearly here to stay and compete for dominance in the financial transactions’ arena. Skeptics are still unsure if Ripple XRP is capable of becoming a bigger player in the digital currency revolution. One thing is for sure, discussions on XRP Chat and its alternatives are certainly heating up. For more high-quality articles to satisfy your crypto-itch sign up to receive our newsletter and thanks for reading Bitcolumist.

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