Crypto Thrills Casino Review | 2021 Analysis

Ah, 2021, what a great time to be alive — citation needed just sayin’ … No really, all of this technology is available to our collective thumbs and fingertips, while there is just so little, or maybe too much, time to spend actually twiddling them on screens. AR, VR, AI, IoT, the list goes on. There’s all of these 2 and 3 letter acronyms that each claim to be the next thing to change our lives. I’ll tell you what though, do any of those previously mentioned pieces of tech allow you to gamble online with cryptocurrency. Yeah, that’s right, I don’t think so. Today, we will be analyzing one of our favorites, a Crypto Thrills Casino Review is enclosed. Read On.

What is a Crypto Casino

A subset of an Online Casino, a Crypto Casino is a place where players can wager money in the form of various cryptocurrencies on both traditional and completely unique games. It is an increasingly popular form of gambling on the Internet. Some games and casinos include a live dealer while other games are completely automated. In certain jurisdictions, a live dealer is a requirement in order for the regional gambling commission to deem the games legal. In some places, there is a legal grey area surrounding these types of casinos.

Why use a Crypto Casino

For those with a taste for gambling, there are various reasons why it can feel sketchy to do so online. First, to attach bank information or credit card to an online casino, which can be attached to your life savings. Second, there could be a leering spouse pouring over these financial records and might question the charges. Third, there could be questionable legality surrounding these online gambling sites depending on where you live. When using a crypto casino, those fears can be minimized by using cryptocurrency, which is a connection to a wallet that does not have ACH-like transactions, will be untraceable and can skirt legal limitations set by your bank or financial institution.

Crypto Thrills Casino Review

Crypto Thrills Friendly Landing Page Boasts an "Up to 1,000 m BTC" Bonus when you sign up!
Crypto Thrills Friendly Landing Page Boasts an “Up to 1,000 m BTC” Bonus when you sign up!

Without further ado let’s get started with one of our favorites. Here’s your Crypto Thrills Casino review.

Site Layout and Presentation

When navigating to the site you are greeted by a rich and colorful landing page boasting various currently running promos. The site is easy to explore and signing up for an account and filling your online wallet is simple. There are various filters for finding the games you want. The entire experience feels catered and optimally designed.

Rating: 5/5

Game Selection

There is a variety of mobile-optimized games to satiate your gaming desires. The game selection ranges from traditional table games to kooky slots renditions to games that are just completely different from the norm in casinos. The Blackjack pays 3/2 and there are multiple types of poker to knock your rocks into.

Rating: 5/5

Customer Support

It’s called “24/7 Thrilling Support” for a reason. They have options for both livechat and email which is nice. Any issues that arise will be dealt with swiftly (we didn’t run into any issues but tested the live chat feature).

Rating: 5/5

Cryptocurrency Variety

Here lies is a minor weakness in the Crypto Thrills Casino Review, with the site only supporting three cryptocurrencies.

Sadly, Ethereum is nowhere to be seen!

Rating: 2/5


Withdrawals from Crypto Thrills were simple, automated, and fast. As soon as you click withdraw, the process on their side kicks off and you should see your crypto in our offsite wallets within 15 minutes or so.

Rating: 5/5


The site was running a variety of promotions at the time I navigated it in August 2020. There was plenty to entice new players into gaming with their crypto. I did not see much for current/already signed up players to keep them interested. Maybe these will be added in the future. See the August 2020 excerpt below!

Stand a chance to pocket more than 5,000 mBTC in Crypto August Hosts Promotion all month long.

Start off the winning frenzy:

Get 80 Free Spins on Samba Spins when you deposit 6 mBTC


Rating: 4/5

Overall Rating

In their about page it states that “Crypto Thrills crypto casino brings passion, enthusiasm and absolute dedication to your gaming experience.” This quote rings true. With a simple interface, variety of games, fast support, quick withdrawals, and enticing promos, Crypto Thrills Casino is a great place to start when venturing into this side of the industry. I just hope they add support for a larger variety of currencies soon!

Our Overall Rating In this Crypto Thrills Casino Review From Bitcolumnist: 4.5/5

Don’t Forget to Keep Those Winnings Safe

Just another little plug here. We recently did another review of a few different crypto hardware wallets. In order to keep your crypto safe in 2021 (or really anytime) you without a question need to be storing your crypto offline in cold storage for complete security. Well anyway, this little security tip closes off the 2021 Crypto Thrills Casino Review. Happy gaming.

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