ICO Alert: A Complete Review

Are you someone that’s interested in various cryptocurrency and don’t know how to find them? ICO Alert is the industry leader in providing information about initial coin offerings for cryptocurrency. If you want to know who just started offering currency before anyone else, then you need to know how ICO Alert works and what it can do for you.

If you’re new to the cryptocurrency industry, then we’ll provide you a guide to what ICOs are and how ICO Alert can keep you apprised of everything going on. If you’re interested in getting into blockchain and cryptocurrency, this review of ICO Alert is a must-read.

What Is an Initial Coin Offering?

In the stock market, when there is an initial public offering, it means a company is opening itself up for people to buy shares in the company. The initial coin offering is something like for the cryptocurrency industry.

It means the company wants to raise money to develop a new type of coin, app, or service, so it creates an ICO. Investors receive the company’s cryptocurrency, and it could be simply a coin or have something to do with the product or service offered.

It can also just be a stake in the company. This is becoming a popular method for a startup to raise money, especially those involved with the cryptocurrency or blockchain industry. ICOs have the potential to provide high returns, but others have been frauds or failed.

It’s important that if you choose to participate in an ICO, then you have a company such as provide you with unbiased reviews and ratings for more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies and that number grows. They use machine learning to provide many of these ratings.

What Is ICO Alert?

At its heart, ICO Alert is a platform that gathers information about new and upcoming ICOs and provides information to its customers. It’s one of the few trusted discovery platforms that has a complete and comprehensive list of ICOs including crowdsales, token sales, and token generation.

They have more than 100,000 users and send ICO alerts to them when new ICO opportunities arise. The platform also published reports on more than 50 ICOs that provide information about past, active, and future initial coin offerings.

If you want more information, then the ICO Alert podcast has interviews with blockchain giants and lots of content and answers to important questions.

How does ICO Alert Work?

As a leader in the ICO space, once you sign up for ICO Alert, then you have access to all their information about the various blockchain opportunities about current, past, and future offerings.

What makes ICO Alert a leader in the ICO space is its ability to find and get information about initial coin offerings before anyone else. When a new ICO is offered, then send an alert via email to their hundreds of thousands of users so they can evaluate the offerings and determine if they want to invest.

It also has the largest known database of past and current ICOs, so you can examine previous offerings and compare them to current and potential future ICOs. The technology industry is growing at a breakneck speed and if you want to get in on the ground floor of these fledgling companies, then ICO alert can give the edge you need.

Many Copycats, But Only One ICO Alert

When you are the leader in an industry, there are inevitably going to be copycats trying to earn your revenue share and steal your customer base. Many of these programs say the same things as ICO Alert, but they can’t provide the services and databases as ICO Alert can.

They may even say they’ll send ICO alerts but sending an alert and being ICO Alert are two vastly different things. Don’t be fooled by imposters trying to look and be like ICO Alert. They can’t compete and there is only one company with the database and connections to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Be Wary of Buying ICOs

The ICO industry is filled with hazards and many people have lost considerable money. ICO Alert can provide you with the information and many times they can provide some information, but ultimately, it’s up to you to know what to buy and what not to buy.

Unlike Wall Street and IPOs, there is no oversight or regulation for ICOs. There is also a learning curve that you need to understand. While the initial coin offerings provide you with their cryptocurrency, you must provide your investment in a pre-existing cryptocurrency.

You can’t make an offering with money but instead must already have a crypto wallet that you can use to purchase from the ICO. If you do find yourself with potential fraud in your purchased ICO, then there may be some help from the Security and Exchanges Commission, but given the decentralization and almost no regulation, there may not be much you can do.

The Importance of Researching Your ICO

ICO Alert is a wonderful platform with lots of information available, but it can’t be the only resource for purchasing your ICO. Since there is little oversight, you need to do your own research and get information from a trusted resource. is the resource you need because it provides the most up to date information on more than 5,000 current cryptocurrencies and provides unbiased rating and information, so you can make an educated decision if the ICO is worth investing in.

No matter what ICO you invest in, there is always an element of risk, but between ICO Alert and, you can reduce the chance of purchasing a fraudulent or ill-performing ICO by getting as much information as possible before you invest.

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