Best Crypto Marketing Agencies in 2021 | The Full List

Despite having fallen significantly since the crypto craze of 2018, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is still very much alive and well. With new investors, users, entrepreneurs and more entering the crypto space every day there is a huge list of great crypto marketing agencies in 2021.

Let’s take a look at all of the top agencies for marketing cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.

The Best Crypto Marketing Agencies in 2021


Coinbound Crypto Marketing Promo Image

Coinbound is, perhaps, the premier crypto marketing agency. The U.S.-based crypto agency has worked with the industry’s best companies. Their list of clients includes eToro, ShapeShift, OKEx, CoinStats, Voyager, Coinmine,, Earnbet, and A LOT more.

Coinbound is well known for a number of marketing services. The marketing group works with the crypto industry’s largest network of crypto influencers, publishers, media groups, and more. Additionally, Coinbound is perhaps the most qualified Crypto SEO agency in the world and is responsible for managing many of the top crypto company’s blogs and content.

For beginners looking to get their feet wet with top crypto marketing tips, Coinbound’s Crypto Marketing Podcast is not to be missed.

Coinbound Services

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Coinzilla Crypto Ad Network Logo

While Coinzilla is not a traditional marketing agency like Coinbound they are a prominent player in the crypto marketing space. Rather than an ad agency, Coinzilla is an ad network. Many of crypto’s largest brands use Coinzilla to publish display banner advertisements on popular crypto blogs and news sites. Similar to Coinbound, they’ve also recently added the ability to publish press releases to top crypto publishers.

Coinzilla Marketing Services

  • Display Advertising
  • PR Distribution

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YAP Global

YAP Global Crypto PR Agency

YAP is a PR agency that specializes in blockchain projects, ICOs, and more. The YAP team has helped promote trusted companies like Bitmain, Coindesk, Band Protocol, and Stasis.

YAP Global Marketing Services

  • Crypto Public Relation Services

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Melrose PR

Melrose PR Crypto Logo

Melrose PR has been an integral part of the blockchain marketing industry for years. The public relations team, which is based out of California, has a fantastic track record of securing widespread press coverage for companies like Fold and Totle.

Melrose PR Marketing Services

  • Blockchain Public Relation Services

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Based out of Israel, GuerrillaBuzz is another ad agency that has been in the blockchain space for a long time. They have a large array of crypto marketing offerings including banding, Telegram management, Reddit management, and growth hacking.

Guerilla Buzz Marketing Services

  • Crypto Telegram Management
  • Blog Management
  • Blockchain Branding and Identity
  • Community Management
  • ICO/STO Advisory

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Zage Crypto Marketing Logo

According to Zage’s website, they don’t consider themselves a crypto marketing agency. Rather, they call themselves a “PR hit squad”. Zage’s primary service offering is listing tokens on CoinMarketCap. While they have a service offering that is rather limited. If you are an ICO or STO looking to get listed on CoinMarketCap, Zage is probably your best bet.

Zage’s Crypto Marketing Services

  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • PR

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